Institutional Services

Leverage FX offers private and institutional trading communities the most comprehensive and competitive Forex trading services in the industry. We deliver tighter spreads, excellent liquidity, the highest level of customer service and advanced technological innovation.

The company prides itself on ensuring fast, secure, real time advisory services and quality trade executions for its clients and partners. At Leverage FX, our clients are our most important asset. Our services-oriented approach is designed to exceed the needs of our clients, and includes responsive, reliable services delivered through our streamlined operations, best-in-class technologies, platforms and account management. By reliably delivering on our promises, client relationships flourish, and we create partnerships that are based on trust, business integrity and professionalism.

Through our in-house, world-class team of experts, we provide the most up-to-date market information and tutorials, designed to educate and inspire our clients to become smarter traders.

Deep Liquidity

Larger, institutional-size trades are assured by the deep liquidity available through Leverage FX numerous engagements with the world’s top-tier banks. These relationships deliver constant Forex liquidity to our traders with the tightest spreads. Combined with our advanced trading environment, this deep liquidity pool provides traders with one of the industry’s most reliable and competitive markets.